Super Baxter Bros. Brawl is a series that consists of Baxter being played as Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl from 2012-2014, The Series Officially stopped in Mid-2012, however it returned in 2014 for more episodes with new characters and new stages, This Series has aired on YouTube by TheSuperBaxter from 2012 to early 2014. After this it The Series gets a sequel entitled Super Baxter Bros. 4, This is only due to the fact TheSuperBaxter moved on to SSB4.



The Sequel now will feature Baxter and the Rest of the Cast updated, Baxter is now a Mii Fighter instead of Mario again. The Sequel is entitled Super Baxter Bros. 4

Super Baxter Series
Baxter · Gunther · Baxstair · Denise · Kristy · Chester · Shanook · Nikita · Nova · Shavel · Jessie · Lars · Wachester · Chestetta · Shawnik · Hoss · Zeus · Izzy · Clariece · Xerneas · Bambi · Waxter · Wagunther · Mahroe · Mahlarez · Nicolas · Crisitian · Artemis · Haley · Ragnar · Odin · Tony · Daniel · King Spider · Queen Spider · Adolph Skull · TallGirl · Skull Eye · The Bat · Black Witch · Cyclonestone · Agent W. · The Puppet Master
Tha Gangsta Yoshi Series
Black Yoshi · Girl Yoshi · Thug Man · S. Yoshi · Thugdorth

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